Visions become Reality

Our goal is to create architecture – aesthetic buildings with a lasting economic value.  

We strive to design efficient architecture with modern technology and perfect amenities.

Participation and confidence are what we look for in our clients, who hope to transform their construction plans and ideas into an actual building – clients with a vision, who largely give us free reign in the design and realisation.

Our goal is the step-by-step convergence of the planning team and the client during the design process and the development of the building. The key aspects we address as architects and town planners are use, design, ergonomics and technical skill, as well as environment, energy, reusability, sustainability and profitability.

According to need, structural engineers, engineers for building technology and construction physics etc. are engaged – or we cooperate with colleagues and specialists in particular disciplines, in order to provide the best possible solutions.

We see the design process as a creative procedure, in which a specific location is investigated by means of an utilisation programme and construction solutions emerge. Interviews or workshops are held in good time with the client and those who will later use the property in order to recognise and incorporate their intentions and needs early on. We transfer the ideas into a concrete spatial system and bring them to fruition. 

In the planning phase this involves the visualisation and detailing of the project, and in the implementation phase we take care of collecting comparative quotes, negotiating construction services contracts at fixed prices as well as coordinating and supervising the firms carrying out the work. – The transparency of the project with regard to planning and financing is therefore guaranteed, even before construction begins.

That is where our experience lies.  That is what we are good at.

The Architecture Studio Dr. Kurth was established by Ralph-Michael Kurth and is located in Hamburg, Germany. The office is active both nationally and internationally in commercial and private markets. Many projects come about due to individual initiative. The office creates every project with a contemporary character of its own.

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